• X-tech for Carinthian State Government

    “The use of the Citrix NetScaler has made it possible to efficiently safeguard the webservices of the Carinthian state government. X-tech proved to be a reliable partner with the solution, the conception and the implementation during this project.”

    Josef JaritschDepartment of system architecture,
    Office of the Carinthian State Government
  • X-tech for KTM

    “The centralization solution we implemented with X-tech allows our employees to easily and securely access data and applications. I enjoy working with X-tech because of their unfailing integrity. You can be confident that the solutions they propose are always great.”

    Manfred SchoberHead of IT infrastructure, KTM
  • X-tech for VAMED

    “The detailed conception and the professional implementation of the solutions selected proved to be critical factors for the success of this project. The cooperation with X-tech was outstanding. The technical consultation as well as the project management were 100 percent professional.”

    Christoph ScharingerHead of IT-Applications, VAMED

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    Netscaler has been freed!Netscaler has been freed!

    Netscaler has been freed!
    Netscaler has been freed from Java!
    Netscaler has been freed from Java finally!
  • Kevin Falmbigl27. 04. 2015

    Block Citrix iOS VPN AccessBlock Citrix iOS VPN Access


    Citrix released a new VPN client for iOS devices. The VPN access is enabled by default if there is a session policy on the NetScaler with "Plugin Type" set to Windows/MAC OS X".
  • Kevin Falmbigl20. 04. 2015

    Citrix Receiver Plugin does not work with Google Chrome 42Citrix Receiver Plugin does not work with Google Chrome 42

    http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200889#Re-Enable NPAPI

    To improve Chrome’s security and stability, Google announced late 2014 that NPAPI plugin support, a capability we have depended on for years, will be disabled by default in Chrome by April 2015. NPAPI is a plugin that Receiver …
  • Kevin Falmbigl10. 02. 2015

    Configure Unifyle the first timeConfigure Unifyle the first time

    If you try to login to Unifyle the first time using the URL "/admin/configs.html" and you receive the error
    "Sorry, we cannot perform this at the moment. We have notified our developers about the problem."
    the problem is most likely caused by the MySQL database.
  • Reinhard Travnicek21. 11. 2014

    Seamlessly find my files?Seamlessly find my files?

    We are working very closely with Primadesk / Unifyle to establish their product in the European Market. I think that the idea of the product is fascinating. It's fileshareing from various storage sources using a single client, secure editiing and best of all search over all the storage …