• X-tech for Carinthian State Government

    “The use of the Citrix NetScaler has made it possible to efficiently safeguard the webservices of the Carinthian state government. X-tech proved to be a reliable partner with the solution, the conception and the implementation during this project.”

    Josef JaritschDepartment of system architecture,
    Office of the Carinthian State Government
  • X-tech for VAMED

    “The detailed conception and the professional implementation of the solutions selected proved to be critical factors for the success of this project. The cooperation with X-tech was outstanding. The technical consultation as well as the project management were 100 percent professional.”

    Christoph ScharingerHead of IT-Applications, VAMED
  • X-tech for KTM

    “The centralization solution we implemented with X-tech allows our employees to easily and securely access data and applications. I enjoy working with X-tech because of their unfailing integrity. You can be confident that the solutions they propose are always great.”

    Manfred SchoberHead of IT infrastructure, KTM


  • 10. 10. 2014The client as a service: IGEL well equipped for ClaaS

    After Software and Desktop as a Service (SaaS / DaaS), another aaS trend is now on the IT horizon. With its highly remote administrable thin and zero clients, IGEL is in pole position as a technological partner for Client as a Service. For enterprises, ClaaS turns the traditional office computer from a hardware investment into a highly scalable service.


  • 23. 09. 2014Building Trust in Cloud und EuroCloud Brunch

    Unter dem Titel "Building Trust in Cloud“ lädt die EuroCloud Austria gemeinsam mit dem Austrian Institute of Technology AIT und dem Bundesrechenzentrum dazu ein, das Thema Cloud einen Tag lang zu erarbeiten. Ziel ist die Vernetzung EU-weiter innovativer Cloud-Initiativen und …


  • Ing. Roland Geldner15. 10. 2014CVE20143566-SSLv3 Protocol Flaw "POODLE"

    The recently disclosed protocol flaw in SSLv3 (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3566) called POODLE, could expose deployments with SSLv3 to a MITM attack.
    To make sure your Netscaler VIP Deployments are safe form that atack please disable SSLv3 on all your vservers by using …